Everyone talk about pagerank!

Pagerank, what is it? I'm getting curious when my friend said, "You've to improved your pagerank before joining paid review program". Pagerank... page rank... hmmm... and wikipedia said,

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm that assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a hyperlinked set of documents, such as the World Wide Web, with the purpose of "measuring" its relative importance within the set. The algorithm may be applied to any collection of entities with reciprocal quotations and references. The numerical weight that it assigns to any given element E is also called the PageRank of E and denoted by PR(E).

The name PageRank is a trademark of Google. The PageRank process has been patented (U.S. Patent 6,285,999 ). The patent is not assigned to Google but to Stanford University.

My page rank is still zero :( poor of me... I wanna improved it. Do you know how it works? Optimized Backlink, Traffic, SEO, and Google search.


blogging time...

Actually, I wanna write a post about sunrise of Penanggungan mountain that located near to my village. Unfortunately, I can't upload the image yet (internal error notification). So, I decided to post this quiz first while I'm trying to upload the beauty of sunrise...

68% addicted to blogging? I can't trust it, but...... :D

68%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?


The Pricing of T-sel Flash

Telkomsel had initiated the third generation (3G) of its telecommunication products. As one of the service (as I mentioned on my previous post), Telkomsel has launched a new program named Telkomsel Flash (T-sel Flash). I go to my browser to check the program, and I've found this one:

Hmmm... the different info with what my friend's said. My friend said that the package is unlimited with cost Rp 125,000/month for regular and Rp 225,000/month for free modem.
I dunno where's the right one...

*the table is picked up from here


A Brief Profile of Ibn Sina

Abu Ali al- Huseyn bin Abdullah bin Hassan Ali bin Sina or well-known with name Ibn Sina was born in 980 C.E. (375 Hijriah) in the village of Afshana near Bukhara which today is located in the far south of Russia. His father, Abdullah, an adherent of the Ismaili sect, was from Balkh and his mother from a village near Bukhara.

In any age Ibn Sina, known in the West as Avicenna, would have been a giant among giants. He displayed exceptional intellectual prowess as a child and at the age of ten was already proficient in the Qur’an and the Arabic classics. During the next six years he devoted himself to Muslim Jurisprudence, Philosophy and Natural Science and studied Logic, Euclid, and the Almeagest.
He turned his attention to Medicine at the age of 17 years and found it, in his own words, “not difficult”. However he was greatly troubled by metaphysical problems and in particular the works of Aristotle. By chance, he obtained a manual on this subject by the celebrated philosopher al-Farabi which solved his difficulties.

By the age of 18 he had built up a reputation as a physician and was summoned to attend the Samani ruler Nuh ibn Mansur (reigned 976-997 C.E.), who, in gratitude for Ibn Sina’s services, allowed him to make free use of the royal library, which contained many rare and even unique books. Endowed with great powers of absorbing and retaining knowledge, this Muslim scholar devoured the contents of the library and at the age of 21 was in a position to compose his first book.

Subhanallahu Allahu Akbar…

I'm still learning...

Common Errors

a while: a short time (n.)
• Our nap lasted only a while.
awhile: for a time (adv.)
• I think we should sleep awhile longer.

a part: one piece (n.)
• A part of me thinks we should break up.
apart: not together (adv.)
• When we’re apart, I’m ecstatic.

Affect and effect are mixed up all the time. Affect, used as a verb, means “to influence.”
• Quinn’s wild partying on Thursday night affected her performance on the history test.
Effect, used as a noun, means “result.”
• Quinn’s wild partying on Thursday night had a terrible effect on her performance on the history test.
Occasionally, effect may be used to mean “to bring about.”
• Try as they might, the members of the student council could not effect real change to the school’s lunch policy.

The verbs effect and affect are similar but not interchangeable. To effect is to cause; to affect is to influence.

One trick that might help you remember the difference between the two: a, the first letter in the word affect, comes before e, the first letter of effect. This makes sense, because something is affected first, and the result is an effect. For example: “My brilliant application essay affected my chances of admission; the essay’s effect was an acceptance letter.”


The happy time...

I love poetry as food (hyperbole isn't it?). Here my analyze of Wordsworth's Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollection of Early Childhood. Enjoy the confusing words, huh :D

Wordsworth’s Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood consists of 204 lines and eleven stanzas. The readers are invited into Wordsworth’s belief that life on earth is a dim and shadow of an earlier, purer existence, dimly recalled in childhood and then is forgotten in the process of growing up.

Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star, (59-60)

Human life is merely “a sleep and forgetting” that human beings dwell in a purer, more glorious realm before they enter the earth. At our birth, human carries the soul of heaven that becomes the light in human life.

For a brief moment, children are just like a white paper which is still pure. The children enjoy ‘the light of heaven’, whatever they do, and it makes them happy. They have no sadness, what they feel is only the happiness which filled their minds. They see the meadowland, grove, stream ‘apparalled in celestial light’ and feel the world alive with all the freshness of a dream. Everything has made them happy.

THERE was a time when meadow, grove, and stream,
The earth, and every common sight,
To me did seem
Apparelled in celestial light,
The glory and the freshness of a dream (1-5)

Where is the Woodpecker?

aha-ha-ha-aha-ha-ha-hahaha- This laughing style sounds familiar in cartoon world. Yeah, the laughing of the woody bird named Woody Woodpecker. The first time I saw this cartoon film, I found the new sense of the cartoon characters, the trouble maker and funny woody-bird. Getting curious with this bird, I try to look for some information. And I found that the woody-bird was created in 1940 (its older than me, huh :D). The creator of the cartoon is Walter Lantz.woody

Woody was one of the most popular icons of the 1940s, and even got a song created for him, entitled (what else?), The Woody Woodpecker Song. It was recorded by Kay Kyser, and sung by Gloria Wood and Harry Babbit, in 1948. The song was a smash hit in June, 1948 (selling over 250,00 records within ten days of release). To help cash in on the popular tune, Lantz had the song rushed into his latest picture, Wet Blanket Policy, with Wood and Babbit supplying vocals. The cartoon has the honor of being the only one ever to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Song.

I miss woody woodpecker show time on tv now…


Indosat or T-sel?

Which one I choose? The CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or the GSM (Global System for Mobile) cards? I need them both actually. I choose starone from Indosat as my CDMA partner while Simpati (Telkomsel) and IM3 (Indosat) as my GSM. Getting confused with these three cards? Absolutely yes for now. Previously, Indosat became the cheapest provider (as I know) with its starone for Internet connection. I’ve already used it for 3 years, and there is no problems at all. But now, Telkomsel offers its new program called T-sel Flash, the additional service of HALO for data access. It’s cheaper than the starone cost. Should I upgrade my Simpati to HALO for it? 2 months left I had ignored my Simpati because I’ve turned to IM3 since my credit reload business has started. And now, I have to choose among the three of them; Starone, Simpati or IM3. Would you mind to choose it one for me? :D