Indosat or T-sel?

Which one I choose? The CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or the GSM (Global System for Mobile) cards? I need them both actually. I choose starone from Indosat as my CDMA partner while Simpati (Telkomsel) and IM3 (Indosat) as my GSM. Getting confused with these three cards? Absolutely yes for now. Previously, Indosat became the cheapest provider (as I know) with its starone for Internet connection. I’ve already used it for 3 years, and there is no problems at all. But now, Telkomsel offers its new program called T-sel Flash, the additional service of HALO for data access. It’s cheaper than the starone cost. Should I upgrade my Simpati to HALO for it? 2 months left I had ignored my Simpati because I’ve turned to IM3 since my credit reload business has started. And now, I have to choose among the three of them; Starone, Simpati or IM3. Would you mind to choose it one for me? :D

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